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  • New & Approved: Recent Music Worth Your Eartime

    The last few posts have made me feel like a dinosaur telling kids to get off my lawn, so today's post I'm going to highlight a few new artists that I've heard that perked up my ears. That's all the hype you're getting, so just push play and enjoy. 

    TWEENS - "Be Mean:

    From my friends at French Kiss Records , home of the criminally under-legendary Les Savy Fav, Local Natives and original home of Passion Pit comes these guys. Like Neko Case fronting Husker Du.  Refreshing and catchy (refratchy!  (tm) Sound Canyon 2014) , and energetic, unlike a lot of the indie pseudo-R&B I've railed against lately

    DROWNERS  - "Luv, Hold Me Down" 

    Another fine one from the French Kiss folks.  Not sure if the name is a Suede reference, but they've got that same sort of meloncholy school boy vocal thing going on.  I feel like there hasn't been an exciting Brit-pop act in a while, other than Savages, so these guys and their moody crunch are a welcome return to the genre. 

    COURTNEY BARNETT - "Avant Gardener" 

    Where's the Portlandia of Australia? I feel like this would feel right at home in The City of Roses (look it up, that's the nickname) with a cup of Stumptown's Holler Mountain and a copy of Tiny House Magazine.  It's a slacker "Fuck + Run" era Liz Phair meets a less slack Pavement.


    CLOUD NOTHINGS - "I'm Not Part Of Me"

    The breakout "Stay Useless", from their last record is one of my favorite true indie rock songs from the last few years.  I heard it at my pet store the other day and it sounded as good amongst the kibble as it did in a sweaty room at SXSW.  This is their new single.  It features crisper, concise production, but the same trash-pop mentality; excited and relieved that they aren't falling into the "too cool for properly produced vocals" trap that too many succumb to these days.