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    On the plane to and from vacation, I put a bunch of random music on my Iphone and hit play.  Here are the random thoughts that came to mind

    Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" is indisputable genius. With a completely unnecessary harmonica solo.

    Brian Fallon from Gaslight Anthem's songs hit truer acoustic and reveal he may be a better pure songwriter than his idol Bruce.

    And Jason Isbell may be a better evoker of emotion than either of them.

    The latest Queens of the Stone Age has so much more Bowie and T.Rex than other releases but makes you realize the influence in all of them

     Pulp's "Common People" is the best lyrical achievement of Brit Pop. And possibly the best rock song of the genre as well

    Squeeze were the first AAA artist. NPR would be all over them today.

    B-side compilations, live records and box sets should never be released without an artist's permission or after they've passed.

    I miss Death From Above 1979, which reminds me how deprived the world is by the absence of an arena-sized tour with them and The Bronx.

    Anyone know who The Smith Westerns pissed off? They make taut, sophisticated rock records & are much better than most of their ilk.

    It's pretty amazing how often Portugal The Man's ambitions succeed without rendering them indulgent and pretentious

    There should be a compulsory sample license rate ONLY with the permission of the original work creator and a shared copyright

    I wonder if people sing along less at concerts because if the sheer volume of music out there to memorize.

    Since the industry is constantly honoring The Beatles & music is in a pop moment, can we start honoring The Stones & bring rock back?

    Feel free to share your own.