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  • Forgotten Gems: Buffalo Tom - Pretty much the entire catalog

    A few days ago I posted on lyrics from Buffalo Tom on Facebook from their great song "Summer."

    One of my favorite things the song is the referencing of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  I'm a sucker for songs that reference other bands/musicians, which sounds like a topic I should probably tackle in another post, so stay tuned for the that in the coming posts.

    The reaction to the post, while small, was swift, with exclusively people in their early 40s who had a connection to American indie rock getting really excited about the reference.  Not sure if this makes me an old fart whose personal favorites in music were better "back in my day," although those kids over there look mighty scary...

    Anyway, Buffalo Tom were a fantastic simple, American indie rock trio from Boston who had a whiff of fame because of a Nike commercial, but were beloved by those folks, usually east coast, who loved them.  Their simple songs were powerful, emotional and gave comfort to those who wrapped themselves in music like blankets. 

    Here's a perfect example of this blanket-rock.  Possibly my favorite song about the girl who got away.

    Their whole catalog is pretty great, but start with the above two tracks and let me know whatcha think.