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  • Thing I Found In My Inbox: How Do You Say Shoegaze in French?

    When I was in high school I LOATHED Pink Floyd.  Completely and utterly hated them.   I hated their fans, I hated the pretention, I hated the length of the songs.  It was stoner music for boring people and it was definitely not for my Clash/Replacements/REM loving self who thrived on succinct edgy songs that got stuck in your head and had something to say (yes, even "Gary's Got A Boner" meant more to me than "Comfortably Numb" could ever reach).

    Now, it's not that I suddenly love the band, and I certainly think Roger Waters needs to shut up about Israel but somewhere along the way, probably around the time I discovered The Beta Band, I developed an affinity for spacy, ethereal rock music.  In my heart I truly hope this comes from Television and Spaceman 3, but in my brain, I'm pretty sure there has to be some Pink Floyd that has crept into this music that draws me in.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to start reaching for a copy of the Wall any time soon, or doing that whole Dark Side/Wizard of Oz nonesense that was hot about 15 years ago, but hey, it's time to give credit where credit is due, even if i don't want to believe it.

    That brings me to today's latest "Thing I Found In My Inbox."  They're  called Wall of Death (damn...a Wall reference), they're French, have a name that suggests something closer to grindcore, and they make wonderful, shoe-gazy, bass driven ethereal pop.  Think Fujiya and Miyagi but tighter with a bit of Tame Impala in there.   The Innovative Leisure released "Loveland" is full of these lovely interplanetary moon jams that lift and fall like a child's naptime breath.  It's out on March 4th.  You should get it, or stream it or read it in smoke signals; however you get your music these days. 

    It's worth noting and hoping that there's the possibility that they could be named after a Richard and Linda Thompson song, and they definitely sound a LOT like Spirtualized, but credit where it's due. Now what the hell is a Division Bell?