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  • Just Some Songs I Like From Bands I Love, No Big Whoop

    Feel the power of positivity, people, because i'm positive that you're gonna like these rock jams, yeah, I called them jams, even though i kinda mortally despise that term; too much noodle rock by roommates in college me thinks.  Anyway, here's some music for your enjoyment with a few words about each.  Got nothing else witty, snarky or illuminating to say. 

    Cloud Nothings - "Internal World" -  Vocally reminds me most of The Only Ones of "Another Girl, Another Planet" fame.
    Japandroids - Near To The Wild Heart of Life -   I found the whole album, and you all miss albums, so enjoy the whole damn thing.   I wish I could shout-sing like this.  I'd be so much more convincing in political conversations. 
    Strand of Oaks - "Radio Kids" -  This guy writes songs about people enjoying making songs.  I enjoy songs about making songs; plus it sounds like The Replacements smoked weed with Swervedriver and that's cool with me.