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  • Re:Production but not Reproduction

    Back in my college/grad school years I was REALLY into 4-track and cheaply produced stuff, which was all the rage in the indie-rock world.  Most of this stuff was produced on low-budgets and while it gave SOME of the more mellow songs an honesty boost, much of the time it lead to about 4 songs per record being unholy messes of poor production.  You listened to the albums for the 4 great moments and forgave the victims of poor production.

    Fast forward to 2016 and it some of these records have willfully poor production as a matter of pride, almost.  Either that or they are so compressed for digital ears that they lose all soul and honesty (mrrrrrrr, kids get off my lawn).

    This is why its so refreshing to find the Brit-poppy homagers (i invented a word!) DMA's.  The producton is pristine and lends a rock grandeur to the proceedings.  The robustness of this song is an Oasis for y ears.  Get it? Brit pop? Oasis? I have great hope in this band, except for the terrible use of the apostrophe, unless the band stands for DMA is, or the DMA belongs to someone.  

    (Side note:  I met someone at the park the other day who named their daughter Suede.  I bet she'd really like this band).

    Here's the "What-sounds-to-me-like-Oasis-inspired" "Too Soon"