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  • A Response To The Third Most Commonly Asked Question of a Music Supervisor

    The first question I get asked most frequently is "What are you working on?" The second most frequently asked question is "Do you have any current music needs?" Once the business side of the conversation is out of the way, if it goes that far and the person ACTUALLY wants to engage me, the third most frequently asked question is "What Are You Listening To?" which usually is a much more enjoyable way to have a conversation with me anyway, unless you want to talk about my daughter or the New York Jets (although that's a different kind of painful conversation).

    Here are my current answers.

    Wild Nothing - "To Know You"

    If you know me, you know how much I love my spacey pop.  Not the Kevin Spacey "Mack the Knife" covers, but pop music that sounds like it would go great in the deep, cold expanse of the galaxy.  This is one of those songs, plus an added throbbing bass line.  Bonus points for sorta sounding enough like Talk Talk that I wonder if it's a huge influence.  Double bonus points for making a 6 minute song be awesome.


    Hudson Bell - "Hey Doll"

    When you're RIYL (that's Recommended If You Like for those of you who grew up with CMJ) says something about Built To Spill and Superchunk, I usually go all in.  I'm totally all in for this



     Seth Bogart - "Plastic"

    I wasn't the biggest Hunx and His Punx fan, maybe because it was a bit too cloying for my taste at time, even though the songwriting was fairly tight, or maybe because I hate Xs for Ss and Zs for Ss and I REALLY hate poor use of apostrophes, but that has nothing to do with anything.  

    This whole upcoming Burger Records release uses the drum machine for effect rather than reliance, and the simple new wave inspired guitar lines perfectly match the minimalism.