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  • Do You Like Rock and Roll Music?

    Somewhere between the flower punk of the Black Lips and a nervous breakdown lie the Brooklyn-based So-So Glos.  This is rock music, punk rock music if you want to be specific, but it's oh so much more.  I know, I know, you're thinking, but they're from BROOKLYN. A formerly punk rock place that is everything that is anti-thetical to punk rock these days. Don't fret, dear reader, because these guys are from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, which is about as far away from the pencil thin mustaches and far too high-waisted pants of Williamsburg as cheese gets from tree-bark (though i'd be a slightly hefty sum that someone in Williamsburg is trying to make tree bark cheese.

    Enjoy their latest, "A.D.D. Life" (extra points for the Replacement's style profanity breakdown in the middle).