Looking for the right sound for your project, whether it's film/TV/online?

SOUND CANYON has a group of high quality and highly experienced composers ready to fulfill the musical vision of your production.

With more than 30 years of recording and composing experience amongst its principles, the recently launched Patron Saints of music is poised to become the next boutique music composition and library on any producer’s shortlist. Full show credits include Below Deck (Bravo), Redneck Island (CMT), Ghost Mine (Syfy), Caveman (ABC), Robot Combat League (Syfy), Rock of Love Bus (VH-1) and many more.  In addition, PSM have writing credits on many major unscripted productions including American Idol, Masterchef, Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, Undercover Boss, True Blood and others. 

PSM knows that you’re not just using music to fill the background; you’re using it to tell a story and share emotion and its library is built for just those moments when you need something that helps your viewers feel what is on screen.  It’s this attention to your audience, built from experience both on the composing side as well as years of major label recording and touring experience that makes PSM a terrific music source.

Whether you need a main title theme or an entire season’s worth of music, a library for your single episode or music to service an entire network, Patron Saints of Music can deliver to best suit your music needs.